Studio Dan

Daniel Riegler Receives Awards


The SKE Publicity Award 2012 & the Förderpreis of the City of Vienna 2012

In 2012, the founder and director of the Ensemble Studio Dan, Daniel Riegler was twice awarded with prominent prices. In June, he was given the SKE Publicity, Prize endowed with 12,000 Euros. According to the SKE´s website the distinction is described as follows:

“The SKE want to strengthen the position of composers in the area of orchestras, promotors and media and sensitize for the idea of a ´contemporary market´. The prize money is at the winners disposal and should help those composers who have already have gained some prominence to expand the latter. The price can then be seen as a possible ‘amplifier’ and for promotion activities to broaden the audience. “

In September, the annual “Förderpreis of the City of Vienna”, endowed with 4,000 Euros, was also given to Daniel Riegler. The description of the award, according to the website of the City of Vienna is:

“The awards are given as recognition for a previous excellent overall activity in these areas. With this honor, individuals and teams can be honored. Their work or living area must be in Vienna at least for the last three years and they should not be not older than 40 years of age at the time of submission.”