Studio Dan

SOS 2019

The state of the world, as we see it

So, an absurdist piece of music theater in honor of the end of the world. With ritual music to banish the fear of loss and breaking news: “Fall Fashion Must-Haves!”


How is your bird?

For anarchists young and old

Following Zappa’s motto ‘Anything Anytime Anywhere for No Reason at All (AAAFNRAA)’, How is Your Bird? will celebrate itself as art and, in so doing, give us back a piece of our dignity.


Die Strase / GIF Frenzy

Bild und Musik, Musik und Bild – zwei Positionen

Christof Ressi und Leo Riegler repräsentieren eine Art wiederaufkommende Form des Universalkünstlers, der sich als Komponist, Interpret, Improvisator, Programmierer, Dramaturg, Konzept- und – in beiden Fällen auch – visueller Künstler versteht.


Music is THE BEST

A Tribute to Frank Zappa

Studio Dan was founded in 2005 in Vienna. The name of the ensemble was derived from Studio Tan, a Frank Zappa album recorded in 1978.


Planet Globokar

An evening of music for very brave families.

Welcome to Planet Globokar, a singular musical laboratory. On this planet, everything is disassembled and reassembled in totally unexpected ways. But why?



Concept pieces and graphic notations

Working with graphic scores, improvisation instructions and conceptual pieces comes


Braxton et al.

A contemporary jazz quintet

coming soon!