Studio Dan

A Tribute to Frank Zappa

Music ist THE BEST

Studio Dan was founded in 2005 in Vienna. The name of the ensemble was derived from Studio Tan, a Frank Zappa album recorded in 1978. This way, zappaesque elements were firmly embedded in the formation´s DNA. Nevertheless, it took a few years before the ensemble dedicated itself to the opulent oeuvre of the American icon.


Breaking News

Studio Dan is ready to launch

Studio Dan heads off with a suitcase full of exciting commissioned works as well as contemporary repertoire.



Concert Installation to works by Krüger & Pardeller

Krüger & Pardeller’s audio and room installation HOMO FABER, on display from November 2014 to June 2015 at the 21er Haus in Vienna, focuses on the role of artists as the creators of new artifacts. The installation, its design reminiscent of a stage, juxtaposes historical sound recordings and works by Fritz Wotruba with texts and works from the artists themselves, connected by sound by Daniel Riegler


Braxton et al.

A contemporary jazz quintet

coming soon!


String quartet

Modern classics and contemporary music for string quartet


Planet Globokar

An evening of music for very brave families.

Welcome to Planet Globokar, a singular musical laboratory. On this planet, everything is disassembled and reassembled in totally unexpected ways. But why?



Concept pieces and graphic notations

Working with graphic scores, improvisation instructions and conceptual pieces comes


More Creatures & Other New Stuff

Our own concert series

Way back on our debut double album, “Creatures & Other Stuff,” we started playing with the idea of our musical creations as breathing animals unto themselves. Whether fully-notated, improvised, or a combination of the two, our musical creatures take on a life of their own