Studio Dan

How is your bird?

For anarchists young and old

Following Zappa’s motto ‘Anything Anytime Anywhere for No Reason at All (AAAFNRAA)’, How is Your Bird? will celebrate itself as art and, in so doing, give us back a piece of our dignity.



A little apocalypse music

Our proram with ritual music to banish the fear of loss, prophecies for the final days of the human race, and the vital news of the day.


Braxton et al.

Echoes of Anthony Braxton's Composition No. 107

Studio Dan has dedicated itself—already since 2016—to the widely ramified work of Anthony Braxton in various constellations.



a musical-choreographic intervention

Referring to Julius Eastman's views and experiments with new and unconventional performance formats for his music, the inclusion of space as a performative material is just as central to the project as the interplay of sound and movement.