Studio Dan

The September and an interview

September Newsletter

In September there will be some opportunities to see each other and, above all, a lot of new music.


Music, media and mankind

The Mystery Interview

This text was written as an email interview with Daniel Riegler (Studio Dan) as part of the preparations for a text that appeared in the Austrian daily newspaper DER STANDARD on September 2. For reasons of space, as the editors confirmed to us afterwards, little of the original text could be printed. We would like to make up for this here.


La Paloma & other stuff

July Newsletter

We interrupt a few quiet weeks with a gathering in the ZONK!?!!-proven Brigittenau (Vienna). We invite you to a concert and summer party. If all goes well, we'll even throw on the grill.


Mind and remind

June Newsletter

in view of the lush cultural program in Vienna, we would like to remind you of today's Studio Session – a friendly reminder!


Musica Electronica Nova and Studio Session #7

May Newsletter

In May we dedicate ourselves to new repertoire. For the Musica Electronica Nova (MEN) festival in Wrocław, Poland, we are preparing



April Newsletter

We keep coming back to Frank Zappa in our work, because ....


2 very great programs and 30 opportunities

December Newsletter

It's the end of the year and we are still going strong


Studio Session #5

November Newsletter

On we go in 1150...


Chamber music

October Newsletter

We are head to toe with New Music.


Super September

September Newsletter

Super September has begun, which means four short weeks into which we can't pack much more. We look forward to seeing you!


Minimal Music with maximum heat

July/August Newsletter

a hint from the final rehearsals of our next project: it could get very, very hot....


Early to late

Summer overview

Our program from early to late summer.


Bells, colors and (.....)

Newsletter May 2022

The next studio session is coming up and we are celebrating our debut at the Wiener Festwochen and the Schauspielhaus Wien with a small ensemble delegation.


March 2022

Newsletter March 2022

How is your bird? at Dschungel Vienna & two Studio Sessions


Studio Session #1

Newsletter No. 2 Februay 2022

We now start our regular concert series in Vienna's 15. district


New CD: Gebirg

Newsletter February 2022

Our new CD with music by Anthony Coleman


Studio Session #0

Newsletter January 2022

We dare to take the first step towards the stage despite the threat of cancellation ...


Teasing 2022

Newsletter December 2021

We look and hear into the future


Concert anouncement & other certainties

Newsletter November 2021

Yet another (but hopefully the last) streaming concert


Your local musical supply in Vienna, Graz and the www

Newsletter October 2021

Autumn comes with performances of J. Tenney's In a large, open space in Vienna and How is your bird? in Graz


A cathedral & other stuff

Newsletter September 2021

We declare the underpass of Friedrich-Engels-Platz in 1200 Vienna to be a cathedral


Radio week and CDs

Newsletter July 2021

We start the second half of the year punctually with three radio broadcasts and a hint to our new CDs.


Comics & so much other stuff

Newsletter May 2021

Before we are going to present a music, sound and movie gallery – including our new label and some releases – we want to share our virtual guest performance at the ACHT BRÜCKEN festival in Cologne with you.



Newsletter February 2021

Departure to Planet Globokar tells the dramatic prologue (director: Melanie Hollaus) of our music theater production Planet Globokar.


Zen & other noise

Newsletter December 2020

To inject a little normality back into the situation, we’d like to use this newsletter to let you know about a few items worth seeing or hearing – all just a click or two away. Also, we have a present for you


Never call it a stream!

Newsletter November 2020

Broadcast from Porgy & Bess and new CD


So sorry...

Newsletter August 2020

ZONK!?!! – Kurkonzerte – Klangspuren Festival



Join us in the 20th district, live via FB-Stream

From August 26 until 4.9. we offer a live stream of all ZONK!?!! performances



Newsletter August 2020

Happiness #3 – Ten Days in Brigittenau



Newsletter June 2020

Three hopeful news want to be announced


Our means of spreading happiness

Newsletter April 2020

Showing our sense of tact, the virus gives way to TONIKUM HANDELSKAI.


The calm before the storm

Newsletter January 2020

Passage to Risk - Die Strase/GIF Frenzy - Virus Handelskai


Jeunesse Special

Daniel Riegler, Studio Dan & Guests

It's time! Our long-planned and announced major event, the Jeunesse Special, will be on stage of the Porgy & Bess in Vienna on October 11th and 12th.



Stage Manager / FahrerIn / ProduktionsassistIn

Das 2005 gegründete Wiener Ensemble STUDIO DAN sucht zur Verstärkung des Teams - insbesondere für die aktuellen Projekte (bis Mitte Oktober), aber auch darüber hinaus - eine / einen Stage ManagerIn / FahrerIn / ProduktionsassistentIn.


Go, go, go!

Studio Dan, the cheerful music machine

What the heck is going on? Hordes of panicky squirrels clutching at their nuts, the dogs hot on their trail, security-obsessed control freaks and coldhearted technocrats. The world needs another kind of hero!


Who wants to buy us a piano?

No piano, no piano music.

Basically our ensemble is blessed by great luck and support. It all starts with the incredibly enthusiastic crowd of musicians who, instead of falling into professional routine, still go for it.


Experimental Music

The surtitle of our concert series is Experimental Music Festival. This is our - perhaps somewhat helpless - explanation to describe what we are about. So: why all this?



Political initiative

Since autumn 2017, Studio Dan has been part of an initiative that seeks to actively shape the music sector of the City of Vienna's cultural policy.


Review and Outlook

In the blink of an eye and suddenly it's 2018. And we, still jet-lagged from our exciting trip to the US, are already planning our next appearances in America. But first things first