Studio Dan

Fanfare III


feat. Michel Doneda

SD & Michel Doneda VI © Rania Moslam

We played within the “Vienna Roomservice #3” Festival curated by the Jazzwerkstatt Wien at the Porgy & Bess.

SD & Michel Doneda V © Rania Moslam

Martin Schiske was video-shooting the concert and we will release a movie of the premiere soon.

SD & Michel Doneda IV © Rania Moslam

Further concerts will be played on 13th and 14th of September in Graz and Zilina.

SD & Michel Doneda III © Rania Moslam

Based solely on the sound of his instruments used in his solo improvisations a full-length composition is developed.

SD & Michel Doneda II © Rania Moslam

The basic tonal material is prepared based on the acoustic, spectral and the aesthetic analysis Doneda´s recordings.

SD & Michel Doneda I © Rania Moslam