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Studio Dan Quintet  Julia Wesely

Heroes und heroines,

what the heck is going on? On the one side: hordes of panicky squirrels clutching at their nuts, the dogs hot on their trail, security-obsessed control freaks and coldhearted technocrats. And on the other: joyless do-gooders in spa bathrobes, and gutless rubberneckers. But none of that for us: the world needs another kind of hero!

Flying in the face of all reason, we’re filling our calendar with as much courageous, high-minded, discursive, unflinching music as we can pack into it. Tremendous people – people with a backbone worthy of the name – will be sweating, capering, living their lives to the fulles – both on and behind our stage.

This program is intended to furnish both you and ourselves with an overdose of optimism and enthusiasm. Join us! Let us become the heroes and heroines of an alternate history! Listen to us, criticize us, love us, hate us, argue with us – contact us!

Love, your music and joy dispenser,

Studio Dan