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Newsletter November 2021


Dear audience,
dear friends,

we will fervently—and hopefully for the last time—be playing a video stream concert, TONIGHT. Gather in masses in front of your screens and listen to premiere performances and other music that should not be missed!

Wednesday, November 24th, 2021
20h – Alte Schmiede

Judith Unterpertinger – triple point #1 (2021), für Schlagwerk, Tape und Video (Video: Catherine Ludwig) | UA, 9'
Anthony Braxton – Composition Nr. 107 (1982), for two multiinstrumentalists and piano, 35'
Daniel Riegler – Musik für 11 (2014), 4. Meditation für Perkussion Solo, 5'
Daniel Riegler – Körperstudie #1 (2021), zu Anthony Braxtons Composition Nr. 107 | UA, 17'

Studio Dan
Clemens Salesny – woodwinds
Daniel Riegler – brass instruments
Michael Tiefenbacher – keys
Margit Schoberleitner – percussion

The concert on the the website of the Alte Schmiede

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