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Dear audience,
dear friends,

The end of the Studio Dan newsletter in its spartan style has come. From April we will be switching to a more colorful (yes - photos!), but above all editorially designed and more comprehensive format. Stay tuned and give us feedback in due course!
This last of its kind also has other innovations to announce: Before we continue working on stage again in April, we are now taking care of recordings and their distribution. In addition to the possibility of purchasing our recordings in our shop, they are now also published on bandcamp. We'll start with Hydra, with more to come.

Hydra on bandcamp
Our fifth self-produced release is dedicated to the composer Julia Purgina. Three works composed for Studio Dan can be heard on it. ROS5 - Hydra is now listed on the bandcamp music platform developed for independent artists. Interested parties and fans can listen to the music there and purchase it both digitally and physically. Please stop by, listen and, ideally, create a bandcamp account so we can stay connected there:

Preview April
Studio Session #10 – Screening and Concert
Melanie Hollaus, Christoph Lammerhuber, Daniel Riegler, Studio Dan – ZONK!?!! 2022
Christoph Herndler – Locus iste

Saturday, April 20th, 8 p.m., Westbahnstudios, Preysinggasse 5, 1150 Vienna
Pay as you wish

Studio Dan
Sophia Goidinger-Koch – violin
Maiken Beer – cello
Thomas Frey – flute
Clemens Salesny – saxophone

records & other stuff
Still open 24/7 and source of all other sound recordings and other stuff:

Studio Dan


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