Studio Dan



Political initiative

Since autumn 2017, Studio Dan has been part of an initiative that seeks to actively shape the music sector of the City of Vienna's cultural policy. For years, this area stays far behind the other departments as theater, dance, etc. in terms of transparency of funding, funding budgets and total budget and, more generally, in terms of an overall strategy for the future of our art´s sector. Of course, other groups (for example, the Wiener Perspektiven) prove that there is a lack of visions in their areas as well.
The MITDERSTADTREDEN initiative has created an awareness of the above problems in many internal discussions and in discussions with political actors of the city, and has been encouraged by all parties to formulate their views and reflections on a new overall strategy. The next goal is the city-coordinated development of a master plan for „Vienna - the City of Music“, in which MITDERSTADTREDEN would like to participate intensively.
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