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Newsletter October 2021


Dear audience, dear friends,
the ensemble of your choice is recommending…

In a large open space
Two more times (on October 6th and 13th) , we are going to work against our fear of loss of our comfort zone and encourage you to follow us. In a large, open space by James Tenney (1934-2006) does not focus on the composer, but solely on the listeners. The piece is based on one overtone series which unfolds its exhilarating effect through the attentive act of listening.

Musicians of the ensemble pool are going to open the concerts at 7pm (Intro) and at 8pm In a large, open space will be sounding in all its glory.

How Is Your Bird?
How Is Your Bird? tells the story of a person who is free as a bird and builds her own fantastic world. Parents will be put in a jar so that
they no longer disturb, UFOs are assigned to their landing spot, contemprorary dance will be performed and much, much more… And the
moon? It will be put back into the correct orbit after it has farted away.
With and by Karolina Preuschl and Robert "Slivo" Slivovsky and music by Frank Zappa, Eric Dolphy, Anton von Webern and more.

From October 19th unti 21st at TaO! - Theater am Ortweinplatz in Graz.
Find all dates here.

Wien Modern
All November long, the Wien Modern festival offers local musical delis - this time without Studio Dan, but with our warmest recommendation. And because at Wien Modern November starts on October 30th, we´ve put this here:

records & other stuff
Our new CDs and many other things, i.e. prints by Karolina Preuschl and Marie Vermont and collages by Michel Doneda, are available
in our digital yard sale: