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Musica Electronica Nova and Studio Session #7


May Newsletter

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Dear audience,
dear friends

in May we dedicate ourselves to new repertoire. For the Musica Electronica Nova (MEN) festival in Wrocław, Poland, we are preparing a premiere by Paweł Hendrich, and in the first Studio Session of the year, in addition to solos and duets, there will be a piece by Robert Pockfuß adapted for us.

Musica Electronica Nova, Wrocław/Pl
Paweł Hendrich - Just a little beat for chamber ensemble and computer (2022/23)
Oxana Omelchuk - Wow and Flutter for two trombones and ensemble (2016).
Juan Pablo Trad Hasbun - Duo vibrante Altera Nudos vacantes (2020)

Sunday, May 14, 20:00 Narodowe Forum Muzyki, Wroclaw/PL

Studio Dan
Daniel Riegler - conductor, trombone
Thomas Frey - flute
Clemens Salesny - saxophone, clarinet
Dominik Fuss - trumpet
Raphael Meinhart - percussion
Michael Tiefenbacher - theremin, piano
Sophia Goidinger-Koch - violin
Maiken Beer - cello
Philipp Kienberger - double bass, electric bass
Werner Angerer - sound

Soloist: Matthias Muche - trombone

Studio Session #7
Robert Pockfuß - Intangible I (rev. 2023)
Matthias Pintscher - Study III for Treatise on the Veil (2007)
Alvin Curran - Excerpts from "The Alvin Curran Fakebook" (2015)
Simone Movio - Incanto VIII per due flauti (2014)
Salvatore Sciarrino - Ai limiti della notte for viola (or cello) solo (1979)

Wednesday, May 31, 20h, Westbahnstudios, Preysinggasse 5, 1150 Vienna

Studio Dan
Sophia Goidinger-Koch - violin
Maiken Beer - cello
Doris Nicoletti - flute
Thomas Frey - flute
Damaris Richerts - trumpet
Philipp Kienberger - double bass

Studio Dan

With the kind support of the City of Vienna/MA7, BMKOES, AUME/SKE, GFOEM, ÖSTIG