Studio Dan

From Outer Space


A Concert review

New music between rock, jazz and classical music

Premieres at the Spiel!Raum in Kapfenberg.

KAPFENBERG. Frank Zappa is often only known as an eccentric rock musician. But the American musician who died in 1993 had a much broader sense of music. Studio Dan, recently appearing in Kapfenberg sees Zappa’s work as the starting point of its career.

Next to Zappa’s two works, the 18 musicians played premieres of three composers who had developed their work in workshops together with the ensemble. The Bulgarian Petar Dundakov pleased with strong jazz-related elements, a beautiful cantilena in the “Waltz Of Broken Hearts and catchy rhythms in “DanZ”.

Lars Skoglund from Norway dedicated one of his pieces the city of Kapfenberg. His work is strongly deriveed by sound layers and small intervals. Ramon Bau from Spain uses the human voice in numerous variants in his piece “Keep Talking” from reminiscent of a melodrama sentences to rap.

Daniel Riegler led the ensemble confidently and with brief gestures. Among the soloists Clemens Salesny deserves to be mentioned, who, playing the saxophone, was taking the lion’s share of solos. (“Kleine Zeitung”, 21.01.2012)