Studio Dan

Exploring a planet of music and sound


Kurier, Heinz Wagner, 2016-11-11

Are they animals? Or mountains, houses, or an urban landscape? Or something else completely? On entering the large theater at Dschungel Wien, the fantasy starts automatically. Although naturally it's instruments disguising themselves under the white cloths. More than a dozen misshapen secrets are turned into instruments over the 50 minutes of "Planet Globokar". More importantly, they are also heard.

Wearing work overalls, the musicians appear on the stage- as discoverers of a strange planet. They have brought a flag to plant. With hammer, drill, and other tools they advance and pull the cloths away, tapping the newly-revealed instruments. These sounds are the first music that they make- and from this a sort of beat-boxing- but mainly with their voices. Nothing is random, but is hammered, drilled and sawed with purpose. More and more the newly-discovered instruments come to life. A musicians uses the sound of the drill to play a dialogue with the trombone. They sometimes play under water, sometimes they blow into a trumpet on one end of the stage, and the music comes out of trombone on the other end. Both instruments are connected with garden hoses.

A funny, revelatory game with all available materials- all built on a detailed score in alternating styles- leaves the listener/observer upright in this slanting world. Directly after the concert the children leave the audience to conquer the stage, to launch their own voyage of discovery.