Studio Dan

Creatures & Other Stuff


First program, first album.

SD_Ditz  © Ditz Fejer

Creatures & other stuff is the title of our first program and brings together the best pieces of our exciting early years. What you hear are the things that make the ensemble unique: a passionate mixture of acoustic and electronic instruments, of “serious” and “popular” music, of improvisation and composition, jazz and New Music, rock and Dada.

CD: Creatures & other stuff (JWR 02/09) -> buy CD here.
awarded the “Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik” (Bestenliste 02/10)

Composers: Julia Purgina, Stefan Heckel, Tibor Kövesdi, Patrik Lerchmüller, Daniel Riegler, Leo Riegler, Bernd Satzinger, Clemens Wenger, Philip Yaeger

Line-Up: Vl, Va, Vc, Kb, Ob/Eh, Fg, Kl/Sax, Kl/Sax, Tp/Fh, Pos, Git, Klav, Perc, Elec, Eb, Dr, Dirigent

Studio Dan “making of”