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In a large, open space

200828_ZONK5.jpg  Nik Hummer

In a large, open space
In his "In a large, open space", which has become a classic of modern music, James Tenney (1934-2006) does not focus on himself as composer or the ensemble as performers, but on the listeners alone. The piece is based on an overtone sound that is held as long as possible, which only unfolds its maelstrom-like and overwhelming effect through active listening - even more so by listening in.

The playing instruction calls for a large, open space in which musicians and listeners can move freely. In memory of the magical evenings in 2020 and 2021, when we already performed "In a large, open space" in the underpass of Friedrich-Engels-Platz (1200 Vienna), we now indulge in the sound rush at other public places in Vienna.

In a large, open space (J. Tenney)