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More Creatures & Other New Stuff


Our own concert series


Way back on our debut double album, “Creatures & Other Stuff,” we started playing with the idea of our musical creations as breathing animals unto themselves. Whether fully-notated, improvised, or a combination of the two, our musical creatures take on a life of their own.
On that note, we’re calling our brand-new concert series “More Creatures & Other New Stuff,”and allowing our ensemble to explore all of its many creature selves. We’re playing four concerts at Porgy & Bess in Vienna in June, which will include pieces by American composers which are rarely heard in Vienna. We’re also performing several pieces by the Austrian-Canadian composer Caitlin Smith, who joined our artistic direction team in 2015.

Festival 2016:

Musik by Cornelius Cardew, Earle Brown, Anthony Braxton, George Lewis, Steve Lehman, Christoph Walder, Laurie Anderson, Vincent Pongracz, Sixtus Preiss, Nika Zach, George Crumb, Steve Reich, Caitlin Smith und Katharina Klement