Studio Dan

You Better Listen!


Our concert series at MuTh

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What sounds like a slightly grumpy request to finally listen is to be understood as the warmest invitation to listen to each other, to listen together and listen closely. All of this in order to temporarily transport your head and mind into other spheres, to connect with yourself and others, to vibrate in the resonance space of collective transformation. At least that's how we imagine it when we bring the musical present into the present of all of us with our three-part concert series at MuTh. The acoustically excellent hall of the MuTh allows us to present very special programs: large format, electronic, cross-border. For this purpose, internationally outstanding composers write music specifically for us.


Upcoming Events:
Amuse Gueule
26 September 2024 | 18:15
Das MuTh
YOU BETTER LISTEN! - Studio Dan & MuTh
26 September 2024 | 19:30
Das MuTh