Studio Dan

Selected Works I


1 February 2019 | 20:00

echoraum Wien

2 February 2019 | 19:30

CUBUS, Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten, Graz

Schiller_Studio_Dan.jpg Christian Schiller

The program Selected Works I is just that: selected works. These have all been part of our repertoire for a long time, but have remained somewhat hidden for a variety of reasons. On the one hand there is HOHNOR, a commissioned work by Christian F. Schiller, who lives in Graz. It has only been performed at the premiere in the Austrian Cultural Forum in New York in 2017. Schiller developed the piece from experiments with a harmonica, which he inherited from his grandfather. Using a precise duplicate of the instrument, a composition for two harmonica and ensemble was composed.

On the other hand, Fred Frith's Rocket Science # 1, # 5 and # 8 could already be heard in Austria, but another look at it seems rewarding to us. The rest of the program comes from our workshop series More Creatures & Other New Stuff of recent years, during which we develop something new within the small framework of the Strengen Kammer/Porgy & Bess in Vienna and then take it over into our repertoire. The program is being recorded, a digital release is planned for a later date.

Viola Falb – Minor
Fred Frith – Rocket Sience #1, #5, #8
Christoph Herndler – taktzittern
Christian F. Schiller – HOHNOR
Daniel Riegler – Zen

Doris Nicoletti – Flute, Harmonica
Viola Falb – Clarinets, Harmonica
Spiros Laskaridis – Trumpet, Slide-Trumpet
Sophia Goidinger-Koch – Violin
Rafał Zalech – Viola
Maiken Beer – Violoncello
Philipp Kienberger – Double Bass
Michael Tiefenbacher – Piano, Rhodes
Mathias Koch – Drums, Mallets
Daniel Riegler – Trombone, Musical Director