Studio Dan



Specialists for experimental music

Werner Angerer – Sounddesign

Werner Angerer

Maiken Beer – Violoncello

Maiken Beer © Rania Moslam

Has fallen in love with her instrument when she was about six years old while listening to the famous Dvořák cello concerto. Since then, she has not let go of it, and she works consistently to expand her scope and musical horizon. At Studio Dan, she has been appreciated for her intensive cello-performance since “Gruntz”. For years up to (almost) every madness on stage. Enthusiasm and perseverance are among her greatest strengths.

Martina Engel – Viola

Martina Engel

Viola Falb – Clarinets, Saxophones

Viola Falb © Martin Bilinovac

Studied saxophone classical and popular music in Vienna and Berlin, composition in Linz. Mainly on the soprano / alto saxophone - but also on clarinets ... Composes and plays for own groups and others.

Thomas Frey – Flutes

Thomas Frey © Sonja Werner

Dominik Fuss – Trumpet

Dominik Fuss

Born in Vienna; Classical and jazz education in Vienna, Cologne and Graz.

Bandleader, composer & pedagogue; More info:

Sophia Goidinger-Koch – Violin

Sophia Goidinger-Koch © Caitlin Smith

As the oldest of 6 children a classic alpha-dog, who likes to work and screw everything herself in the household. Faithful, tolerant, also critical and above all always with 100% commitment. At Studio Dan, Ensemble Platypus and Klangforum Wien as well.

Mathias Koch – Drums

Mathias Koch © Paul Zeiner

Born in the flatness of Lower Austria likes to take the plunge, especially in shallow waters, feels comfortable beating things, even if its only a timpani. He loves balance in life, which sometimes can only be achieved by the acceptance of its extremes.

Manuel Mayr – Double Bass, Electric Bass

Manuel Mayr © mlk

Characterized by constructive and structural clarity, Manu Mayr explores instrument between jazz, contemporary and electronic music. From Kompost 3 via 5K HD to Klangforum Wien.

Raphael Meinhart – Percussion

Raphael Meinhart_1

I am right-handed and left-footed, probably because my mother is a relearned left-handed female. In SV Weinitzen in the autumn season 1999/2000, I had plunged four goals and assisted in just as many. My biggest success though is being runner-up at the Stryrian Mixed Badminton Cup 1997. In 2013 I was by far the last at the Roman race in the South Styria, but handicapped by a recurring knee injurie. Otherwise, I'm interested in music.

Doris Nicoletti – Flutes

Doris Nicoletti © Anne Bürger

Teaches quite classical and plays mostly contemporary, but never wants to be too specialized and can therefore be heard in the stylistically diverse formations. Generally preferres to be an ensemble member over being a soloist. Because the gut feeling usually wins, she does what she loves and loves what she does.

Daniel Riegler – Trombone

Daniel Riegler © Rania Moslam

Lives and works and lives and works and lives and works and lives and works and lives and works and lives and works and lives and works and lives and works and lives and works in Vienna and other places.

Leo Riegler – Electronics, Turntables

Leo Riegler © Max Schuster

Teamplayer or Soloschwein? Often labeled as a mascot of the band and an ingenious amateur, he has been responsible for the electronic sound character of the ensemble since the first concert of Studio Dan.


Clemens Salesny – Clarinets, Saxophones

Clemens Salesny © Markus Ühlein

Bernd Satzinger – Double Bass, Electric Bass

Bernd Satzinger © Reinhard Mayr

Bass, E-Bass, Electronics, Synthesizer, Guitar, E-Guitar. Born, lives and workes in Vienna.

Margit Schoberleitner – Percussion

Margit Schoberleitner © Rania Moslam

Hauling off, beating something, making it sound and listening to it - sometimes also singing and playing the trumpet. I've never been able to decide for a particular direction.

Michael Tiefenbacher – Piano

Michael Tiefenbacher

Monk and Schubert, Tschirgant sparrows and Stockhausen, Ableton and Steinway, Epikur and Federer, Ruy Lopez and Ben Hogan. With Studio Dan on all keyboard instruments…..otherwise, too.

Regular guests:

Marianna Oczkowska – Violin
Emily Stewart – Viola
Nina Ortner – Light, Visuals

In the past these musicians played with Studio Dan:

Maria Augustin – Flute |
Kevin Austin – Trombone |
Sofie Thorsbro Dan – Violin |
Stefan Dickbauer – Saxophone, Clarinet |
Christof Dienz – Bassoon |
Patrick Dunst – Oboe, English horn |
Martin Eberle – Trumpet |
Franziska Fleischanderl – Psalterium |
Simon Frick – Violin |
Alexander Gheorghiu – Violin
Christian Grobauer – Drums
Maria Gstättner – Bassoon |
Agnes Heginger – Voice |
Stefan Hermüller – Tuba
Alexander Hofmayr – E-Bass
Mathilde Hoursiangou – Piano
Gunde Jäch-Micko – Violin
Philipp Jagschitz – Piano
Maria Jauk – Flute |
Astrid Kendl – Oboe
Wolfgang Kendl – Drums
Lukas König – Drums |
Tibor Kövesdi – Double Bass, E-Bass
Thomas Liesinger – Trumpet
Matthias Lill – Percussion
Hannes Löschel – Piano |
Theresia Melichar – Oboe, English horn
Giuseppe Monopoli – Bassoon
Andreas Moser – Percussion
Matthias Muche – Trombone |
Kaori Nishii – Piano
Gerald Preinfalk – Saxophone |
Sixtus Preiss – Electronics |
Julia Purgina – Viola |
Damaris Richerts – Trumpet, Flugelhorn |
Mario Rom – Trumpet |
Peter Rom – Guitar |
Michael Seifried – Double Bass
Jakob Sigl – Sound |
Florian Sighartner – Violin |
Caitlin Smith – Electronics |
Matthew Gregory Smith – Bassoon
Martin Veszelovicz – Accordion
Christoph Walder – Horn
Philip Yaeger – Trombone |

Joachim Zach – Sound
Nika Zach – Voice |
Magdalena Zenz – Violin |