Studio Dan

Experimental Music


We are looking forward to the second edition of our festival More Creatures & Other New Stuff at Porgy & Bess, in June and July. At the „Porgy“, that has become our musical home over the years - us with our music without a name. The surtitle of our concert series is Experimental Music Festival. This is our - perhaps somewhat helpless - explanation to describe what we are about. So: why all this?

The scientific experiment represents a "question to nature". It is a methodical investigation of the empirical extraction of information. Influences are varied and changed. The experiment may be based on a specific assumption, which would like to be checked. Or else, the experiment is simply to bring about a hitherto unobserved situation - without a specific hypothesis - and letting yourself be surprised by the result. Sounds fun!
Our experiments are "questions to the music". Sometimes because we want to test a hypothesis, sometimes because we want to be surprised by the outcome. In any case, the unknown factors in this process are of much more interest to us than the known ones. Gorgeous!
This year, the experiments of our music laboratory revolve around the interactions between man and machine, the eye in music, the transition and much more. We may do some experiments for the first time, and the audience is live. We will reproduce some experiments, make them re-experienceable and explore their impact on a contemporary audience. Not always fun!
In 2018 we will have four world premieres. Two composers (Elisabeth Harnik, Viola Falb) and two composers (Christof Ressi, Johannes Lauer) have been working on our ensemble for a long time. They listened closely to our sound and, of course, inside themselves. They formulated experimental arrangements, created and rejected hypotheses, and turned things around to come to a preliminary conclusion: the score. Mostly a pleasure, sometimes ...
Now it takes time and energy and Studio Dan to really make the experiments happen. 19 people found themselves on and behind the stage to achieve optimal research results. And now it's your turn. Come and be part. Great pleasure!

More Creatures & Other New Stuff