Studio Dan

Studio Dan goes on Tour


Canada and America, here we come!

We go on tour and bring “our music” to Canada and America. The program includes pieces by Christoph Walder, Daniel Riegler, Mirela Ivičević, Caitlin Tinyalligator Smith, Johannes Kreidler, Christian Schiller, Oxana Omelchuk, George Lewis, Anthony Braxton and John Zorn.

We are happy if you support our huge enterprise of bringing 10 people to Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and NewYorkCity through our Crowdfunding:

On tour with Studio Dan are Sophia Goidinger-Koch, Maiken Beer, Thomas Frey, Clemens Salesny, Dominik Fuss, Daniel Riegler, Manu Mayr, Michael Tiefenbacher, Mathias Koch and Matthias Muche.

Studio Dan goes on Tour