Studio Dan

Who wants to buy us a piano?


No piano, no piano music.

tasten  Helmut Neuber

Basically our ensemble is blessed by great luck and support. It all starts with the incredibly enthusiastic crowd of musicians who, instead of falling into professional routine, still go for it. Following the motto: Better is not good enough! In addition a steadily growing, closely connected group of composers, who not only appreciate the assets of Studio Dan, but recognize us as allies in their mission. And in the background, there are so many people working who do not have to do that. They want it, and they do it with incomprehensible devotion. What should one say?
Many thanks, for example?! Though far too succinct, there is not much else to say: Many Thanks!
That being said, only very few things in our ensemble career remain an exam. And one is our modest basic equipment that one does not want to adjust appropriately. In financial as well as in material terms. And so we stay creative on this subject: crowdfunding, commissions, workshops and, and, and ...Now we try this, a very direct question:
Who wants to buy us a piano?

Every other instrument can be rented and carved. But at the piano even we give up and have to pass. No piano, no piano music. Not possible! So...who?