Studio Dan



Studio Dan & szene instrumental

Komprovisation © Rania Moslam

The Comprovise project is a collaboration between the ensemble szene instrumental under the direction of Wolfgang Hattinger and the ensemble Studio Dan under Daniel Riegler.
The word comprovise is built out of ‘composition’ and ‘improvisation,’ to describe music that plays with the border between both of these musical techniques. Comprovised music in the truest sense in rarely heard, as most ensemble specialise either in performing composed or improvised music. This cooperation allows us to draw on the expertise of both ensemble to build the optimal musical environment for comprovising.

The program
Caitlin Smith (CAN/AUT): “Retrospective (2005-2015)” for ten musicians (WP)
Peter Jakober (AUT): abwartend für Bkl und 2 Pos
Christian Schiller (AUT): schwarz gestreift für E-Bass, Dr
Anthony Braxton (USA): Composition No. 228 für Sax, Pos, Pf, Kb, Dr
Steve Lehman (USA): Baltimore/Berlin für Kl, Pos, Pf, Kb, Dr
Lorenzo Troiani (I): “Sotterranee. In Ombra” für Bkl, Vln, Vlc
Timothy McCormack (USA): “HEAVY MATTER” für Posaune Solo
Daniel Riegler (AUT): Comprovised Interludes for Ensemble and Wolfgang Hattinger Indicating a Clock as Merce Cunningham (WP)

Studio Dan: Kb, Sax, Pos, Klav, Dr
szene instrumental: Vl, Vc, Kl, Pos, Perc, Conductor