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More Breaking News


Long-term collaborations that widely define the aesthetic field


More Breaking News is the sequel to our New York Times award-winning program Breaking News (then featuring works by George Lewis and Oxana Omelchuk).

The two composers commissioned this time are prototypical for a generation of musicians who not only survey, penetrate and connect the rich heritage of the 'avant-gardes of all genres', but also perform as highly virtuosic interpreters.

Ingrid Laubrock, who has been living and active in New York for more than a decade, manages in her music to blur the boundaries between advanced, sound-based, non-idiomatic improvisation and precise and highly condensed compositions in a way that only a few have managed before. She is thus at the forefront of a young - often female - musical movement that no longer wants to accept the historical separation between advanced jazz and European-style composed music as such.

Lukas König, a representative of the even younger generation, is already known as a drummer far beyond European borders for his work in the broad field between rhythmically highly complex band projects, noise-based sound art and collaborations with contemporary music ensembles as well as celebrated pop bands. He is a maniac, a workoholic, his output is unmanageable, his works always urgent and of great intensity.

Both collaboration partners know the ensemble and see its special and highly sought-after expertise as an opportunity for their commissioned work. They will also participate as soloists in the performances.

Composition: Ingrid Laubrock, Lukas König

Special guests:
Ingrid Laubrock – saxophone
Lukas König – cymbal, drums
Victoria Shen – pinball machine

Studio Dan:
Sophia Goidinger-Koch – violin
Maiken Beer – cello
Manuel Mayr – double bass, electric bass
Doris Nicoletti – flutes
Matthew Smith – bassoon, contrabassoon
Damaris Richerts – trumpete
Daniel Riegler – trombone
Clemens Salesny – saxophone, tubax
Raphael Meinhart – percussion

Ingrid Laubrock – Zones (2023) (commissioned by Studio Dan, Klangspuren Schwaz and Wien Modern)
Lukas König – Flash 1020 (2023) (commissioned by Studio Dan, Klangspuren Schwaz and Wien Modern with the kind support of bmkoes)

Zones 1 & 2
Flash 1020