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Studio Dan & Michel Doneda

SD & Michel Doneda II © Rania Moslam

Fanfare III is a project together with saxophonist Michel Doneda. Based solely on the sound of his instruments used in his solo improvisations a full-length composition is developed. The basic tonal material is prepared based on the acoustic, spectral and the aesthetic analysis Doneda´s recordings. Formally, the piece is a highly developed intertwining of improvisation and composition. Michel Doneda will essentially operate as part of the ensemble in the middle, his improvisational interventions hitting the detailed orchestral material. The specific spatial situation of the performance space is always utilized.

Composer: Daniel Riegler

Line-Up: Michel Doneda, 2 Vl, Va, Vc, Kb, Fl, Ob, Sax/Kl, Tp, Pos, Perc, Elec, Dr, Spatialisation