Studio Dan

Die Strase / GIF Frenzy


Image & music, music & image – two positions

Die Strase © Helmut Neuber

Christof Ressi and Leo Riegler represent a kind of resurrecting form of the universal artist who sees himself as a composer, performer, improviser, programmer, dramaturge, conceptual artist and, in both cases, a visual artist. The two works shown – Die Strase (L. Riegler) and GIF Frenzy (C. Ressi) – pursue a fundamentally different approach to combining film and live music, and are therefore particularly suited to each other.

1. Set – GIF Frenzy
GIF Frenzy refers to the social media practice of illustrating emotional states using short excerpts from movies or television in GIF format. The criteria for the selection of the respective GIFs as well as their presentation and editing change during the course of the piece and show different aspects in the relationship between sound and image. Clichéd ways of connecting the two media encounter "inappropriate" or absurd combinations; Exaggeration and excess are virtually challenged by the particular interactive nature of the piece.

2. Set – Die Strase – A bizarre / poetic grotesque
A puppet film by Leo Riegler with live accompaniment by Studio Dan. With horse love, Hulk Hogan, and the longest sausage in the world, as well as Anita the Cat Lady, black holes, hands, and feet. With contributions from show business legends both famous and obscure, including Karolina Preuschl, Kristin Gruber, Raphael Meinhart, Andreas Harrer, Simon Brugner, and Leo Riegler. #FreeJazzIsNoPicnic. OMG!

Sophia Goidinger-Koch – Violin
Gunde Jäch Micko – Violin
Martina Engel – Viola
Maiken Beer – Violoncello
Daniel Riegler – Trombone
Mathias Koch/Hubert Bründlmayer – Drums
Christof Ressi/Leo Riegler – Elektronics

GIF-Frenzy (C. Ressi)
Die Strase - Teaser