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New(s) in November

Daniel Riegler©Klaus Himpsl Gutermann.jpg ©Klaus Himpsl Gutermann

In order to get us off our metaphorical couch, out of our metaphorical hot tub – in short, to force ourselves out of our comfort zone – we’ve decided to address the works of a cohort of new composers in November 2020. Naturally they’re not entirely new to us, nor to knowledgeable music lovers: what’s new is our collaboration with them, and four of the five compositions to be performed.

The idea came from Christoph Renhart, musical director at the Franciscan cultural center in Graz; thus the focus is on composers from that city. We see Vienna, Budapest, and Mexico City as basically suburbs of Graz, hence the name: UrAufführungen (premieres) from GU (Graz Umgebung, the Graz area).

A clearer link between the pieces is their interweaving of electronics, acoustic instruments and improvised elements. But come to think of it, the music doesn’t sound uncomfortable at all…

Juan Pablo Trad Hasbun (*1978) – New work
Daniel Mayer (*1967) – Lokale Orbits / Duo I
Veronika Mayer (*1977) – New work
Axel Seidelmann (*1954) – Plutonium City
Samu Gryllus (*1976) – New work

Vln, Vlc, Dbl.Bs/El.Bs, Fl, Bcl, Trp, Tbn, Dr/Perc, Pno/Kbd, Sound design

Upcoming Events:
21 November 2020
Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten, Graz
Wien Modern
23 November 2020
e c h o r a u m, Wien