Studio Dan



Music by Christian F. Schiller


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In 2017, Studio Dan premiered HOHNOR – a chamber music piece for two harmonicas and ensemble by Christian F. Schiller – at the Austrian Cultural Forum in New York. The piece was recorded and released as the second album (HOHNOR, ROS2) of the newly founded label records & other stuff. The CD's cover artwork is from an ongoing found object project called 0NULL1EINS by the composer.

1. HOHNOR | Christian F. Schiller | 18:55

Doris Nicoletti, Viola Falb – Harmonica
Sophia Goidinger-Koch – Violin
Maiken Beer – Cello
Philipp Kienberger – Double bass
Spiros Laskaridis – Slide trumpet
Daniel Riegler – Trombone
Mathias Koch – Drums
Michael Tiefenbacher – Drums Assistent