Studio Dan



Amuse Gueule

26 September 2024 | 18:15

Das MuTh

YOU BETTER LISTEN! - Studio Dan & MuTh

26 September 2024 | 19:30

Das MuTh

Works of art - in our case, musical works - often develop a special power when their genesis is unorthodox, when elements are connected that “should not be connected in this way”, or when other canonical rule violations occur. The tension that can arise in this way is often discharged in joyful discoveries and new insights (about yourself and the world), but in any case in questions that arise. With the music of the composer Sonja Mutić and Oliver Johnson, known in the club music context as Dorian Concept, we want to keep this promise and leave tense questions in the air at the end of our first concert series.
Oliver Johnson will celebrate his 20th stage anniversary as Dorian Concept in 2024. With this program we celebrate with him!

Amuse Gueule
Free with the purchase of a ticket - as an appetizing greeting from the kitchen, in our case an ear-opening initial phase, we invite interested audiences directly into our midst before each concert. In just under an hour we zap through particularly exciting moments of the following program and let our visitors take part in this special listening situation, in the middle of the ensemble.

Sonja Mutić - Kontakt (2021)
Oliver Johnson - New Work (2024, WP)