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Forciniti/Klien/Leibetseder/Schwarz - Passeggiando Swarm

17 September 2022 | 12:00

Hannovermarkt, 1200

Experiment at the farmers' market. The Composer collective writes: 'Passeggiando' uses for its performances the web application SADISS (socially aggregated, digitally integrated sound system) for the ad-hoc creation of (post-)digital sound bodies from and in crowds of people with the help of the smartphones available there.

Forciniti/Klien/Leibetseder/Schwarz - Passeggiando (Swarm) (Premiere)

SADISS is being developed as part of the research project 'The Choir & the Sound System' at the Anton Bruckner Private University (Linz) and is funded by 'CALL 2021 - Art and Culture in Digital Space' from the Province of Upper Austria and the Federal Ministry of Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport. SADISS

Daniel Riegler
Margit Schoberleitner
Philipp Kienberger
Raphael Meinhart
Thomas Frey
Dominik Fuss
Clemens Salesny
Sophie Goidinger-Koch