Studio Dan

It works virtually without Swing


Der Bund, Tom Gsteiger, 2009-02-23

Odd sounds, furious improvisation, shifty grooves, intimate melodies and resounding fanfares: Vera Kappeler, Nicolas Masson and Daniel Riegler took care of the highlights of the second festival-edition of the Jazzwerkstatt Bern in the Progr-Turnhalle.


Improvising and conducting


For the concert – which left an even more enduring impression than this talent-mix rehearsal – the Viennese composer, Daniel Riegler, was provided with a Swiss version of his Studio Dan ensemble. And not only the cast of Studio Dan – a combination of chamber music ensemble, jazz combo, rock band and experimental electronics – is exceptional. In part by using strictly designed entanglements, Riegler masters the art of creating fascinating musical progressions out of fragments that in fact do not fit together. As paradoxical as this may sound: his music, which oscillates between concrete and abstract sensuality, is at once highly heterogenous and at the same time seems to be cast in one pour. (...)