Studio Dan

Notable shows in 2018

-, Coral Andrews, 2019-01-04


Studio Dan's How is Your Pony?
The Music of Frank Zappa and His Echoes at Open Ears Festival of New Music and Sound, June 1 at the Registry Theatre

Studio Dan is derived from Frank Zappa's 1978 recording "Studio Tan." This is a globally recognized ensemble hailing from Denmark (corr. Austria) led by fearless bandleader Daniel Riegler. Studio Dan honoured the joyous chaos of Zappa's music from the "Bee Bop Tango" to "Pre-recorded Tape."
One of many Pony highlights was "Instrumental Ensemble," which was first performed by a clean-shaven, suited-up, 23-year-old Zappa on late comic Steve Allen's TV variety show in 1963.This was an ear-blowing performance by SD percussionist Hubert Brundlmayer. He wound bike pedals, drum-sticked spokes, and pounded the tires of a vintage, red Surly Disc Trucker bicycle. Zappa's cycle cacophony was enhanced by horns and the iconic recitation of "Mary Had a Little Lamb."
Studio Dan also performed works from Zappa's idol Edgard Varèse and Karlheinz Stockhausen.

Studio Dan's finale was Zappa's fan fave "Peaches and Regalia." Yowzer!