Studio Dan

Sound adventurers


Wiener Zeitung, Judith Belfkih, 2016-11-11

The sound adventurers have set off. Wearing blue boiler suits, with drills, hammers, and hoses in their hands, they explore "Planet Globokar". Gradually [musical] instruments appear, and are played. The drill plays a duet with the trombone, an electric milling machine and a cello are perfect harmony together, the flute attempts to charm a trumpet hanging from a garden hose. Later the trumpet players uses a container of water as a mute, the clarinettist plays under water, and the musicians throw stones and balls at drums and metal plates. Tin foil and foam make an appearance. During the finale, the trumpet and trombone are attached together with a garden hose, so that the performers can coax sounds from both instruments.

The trombonist Daniel Riegler has shaped a dramatic concert for children out of pieces of music by French-Slovenian composer Vinko Globokar. Director Manfred Weissensteiner establishes a music laboratory for the senses. It's rare that musical abstraction is so concrete and sensual. It's a playful, funny entry into contemporary music.