Studio Dan

Off to the workshop of sound


Kronen Zeitung, Christoph Hartner, 2016-10-06

With mischievous joy, composer Vinko Globokar has spend decades expanding the sound world of conventional musical instruments. The musicians from Studio Dan pick up this zealous experimentation in “Planet Globokar.” In this piece, trombones are plunged into water tanks, drums are pelted with balls, trumpets are attached to hoses, and drills are made to sing. Everything is noise, and therefore music sleeps in everything. Manfred Weissensteiner von TaO! has made this visit to the workshop of sound into an entertaining sequence. Speech has been completely erased. When the eight musicians “talk,” they do so exclusively in sound poems- or just with their instruments.

The results elicited laughter from the young audience (ages five years and up), and also brought older visitors an irrepressible delight in the musical experiment. There can be no better, smarter, or more amusing project than “Planet Globokar” to convey contemporary music. (Translated by Caitlin Smith)