Studio Dan



Concert Installation to works by Krüger & Pardeller

Homo Faber  © Doris Krüger

Krüger & Pardeller’s audio and room installation HOMO FABER, on display from November 2014 to June 2015 at the 21er Haus in Vienna, focuses on the role of artists as the creators of new artifacts. The installation, its design reminiscent of a stage, juxtaposes historical sound recordings and works by Fritz Wotruba with texts and works from the artists themselves, connected by sound by Daniel Riegler.
For the four performances by the ensemble Studio Dan the auditory and content-related elements are extended to a concert music. In contrast to the installation’s rather abstract, static sound component, Riegler’s performance composition takes a more perceptual approach: it focuses on the movement of sound within the room, using the stage-like area as a performance space, and spotlights the communication within the ensemble and with the audience as well as the temporary, collective departure from the contemplative atmosphere of the installation.

Composer: Daniel Riegler

Line-Up: Vl, Vc, Kb, Pos

Homo Faber