Studio Dan

Augmented Reality – Series #1

A new format: broadening our horizons . . .

One, two, three, four . . . compositions, played by one, two, three, four . . . musicians in one, two, three, four . . . minutes. A rigorous formal principle as the basis for expanding the comfort zone.


More Creatures & Other New Stuff

Our own concert series

Way back on our debut double album, “Creatures & Other Stuff,” we started playing with the idea of our musical creations as breathing animals unto themselves. Whether fully-notated, improvised, or a combination of the two, our musical creatures take on a life of their own



Concept pieces and graphic notations

Working with graphic scores, improvisation instructions and conceptual pieces comes


Braxton et al.

A contemporary jazz quintet

coming soon!


String quartet

Modern classics and contemporary music for string quartet


Music is THE BEST

A Tribute to Frank Zappa

Studio Dan was founded in 2005 in Vienna. The name of the ensemble was derived from Studio Tan, a Frank Zappa album recorded in 1978.


Breaking News

Studio Dan is ready to launch

Studio Dan heads off with a suitcase full of exciting commissioned works as well as contemporary repertoire.


Creatures & Other Stuff

First program, first album.

Creatures & other stuff is the title of our first program and brings together the best pieces of our exciting early years. What you hear are the things that make the ensemble unique: a passionate mixture


Prolog Due / Due

Studio Dan & Michel Doneda

Fanfare III is a project together with saxophonist Michel Doneda. Based solely on the sound of his instruments used in his solo improvisations a full-length composition is developed



Studio Dan & szene instrumental

The word comprovise is built out of ‘composition’ and ‘improvisation,’ to describe music that plays with the border between both of these musical techniques.



Concert Installation to works by Krüger & Pardeller

Krüger & Pardeller’s audio and room installation HOMO FABER, on display from November 2014 to June 2015 at the 21er Haus in Vienna, focuses on the role of artists as the creators of new artifacts. The installation, its design reminiscent of a stage, juxtaposes historical sound recordings and works by Fritz Wotruba with texts and works from the artists themselves, connected by sound by Daniel Riegler



Clemens Wenger & Studio Dan Strings

„You could say, Naples is an ugly, crime-ridden city of proles, with not much to offer to European intellectuals. Naples has much that is ancient, lots of culture, but nothing is snazzed up just for the sake of recalling the past, to show off what once was. This city provokes change, it surges ahead, it has an extremely loud, smelly, chaotic side to it and an incredibly beautiful, amazingly tranquil one.” (C. Wenger)


In The Pelagic Zone

Studio Dan & Elliott Sharp

Elliott Sharp is one of the major players in the New York downtown scene since the late 1980s, and thus a protagonist of one of America’s most important musical directions. This was not only influenced by composers like Steve Reich or


Music for 11

Arnulf-Rainer-Museum, Waschsalon and Kunstbad

'Music for 11’ is a concert installation developed for the Arnulf Rainer Museum in Baden for a Mario-Merz exhibition. The piece is inspired by visual art and plays with the unusual resonance of the museum building, which originally housed public bath. ‘Music for 11’ is written for 11 musicians standing in 11 different positions in the space, without a conductor, who communicate by listening. The audience is free to move about the room and lose themselves in the sound



Jazz and Contemporary Music, Oboe and Techno, Roast Pork and Adorno

“Decadence” was premiered in 2011 and published on CD in 2012. The focus is on the music of Clemens Wenger and Daniel Riegler and the ensemble Studio Dan in his most opulent form. The music tries nothing less but bringing EVERYTHING which inspired the composers and EVERYTHING that the ensemble stands for under one roof. In November 2016 we are going to present the follow-up of the project in Vienna and Zürich (Tage für Neue Musik)


Studio Dan plays ...

The Children's Concert with Music from Cage to Zappa

Studio Dan is a band – but not just any band. Studio Dan is a BIG band! At least 16 instruments are here to be seen and heard. Some musicians even play two instruments or more, the stage is jam-packed. Drums, bass, piano, trombone and trumpet, cello and turntable, marimba, oboe


On a Molecular Basis

Played on a sculpture by Constantin Luser

The Molecular Organ, which you can find on the roof of the Technical University in Graz, is a sculpture by Constantin Luser. Through some kind of magic, this wild new instrument connects 14 trumpets, 14 trombones, and 7 tubas together into one joyously loud sculpture



Post-Tonal Pop Songs for a Post-Tonal World

Studio Dan has a new pop song project with composer Caitlin Smith. The EP is up on Soundcloud.



feat. Nika Zach

This production is an organic collection of songs developed over two years by composers and arrangers from the ranks of Studio Dan – a band well-known for